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Tiny House Heating Options – Exploring Alternatives 1

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This is a beautiful French tiny house for sale by Tiny House Lumen out of Bordeaux, France.

It’s got a unique wardrobe and pantry system. Basically, they’re on casters but easily hide away and blend in like cabinets. Never thought of that! I thought you might like it.

The house is built by Tiny House Lumen and is offered at 39,500 euros (approximately $48,532 USD). Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Beautiful French Tiny House For Sale Built by Tiny House Lumen in Bordeaux, France

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 001

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This is a 20ft Tiny House For Sale in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It’s listed on Tiny Home Builders for $48,000 by Granite Mountain Coachworks.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

20ft Tiny House For Sale by Granite Mountain Coachworks in Scottsdale, Arizona

20ft Tiny House For Sale Scottsdale Arizona by Granite Mountain Coachworks 001

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This is the Little Gingerbread Cottage out of Point Roberts, Washington. It’s a beautiful little small cabin with an upstairs balcony that I just love!

Inside, it’s beautifully decorated and surrounded by cedar. The property is connected to Lily Point Park which is a 250 acre marine park with trails and a beach.

According to Airbnb, the area is home to bald eagles, ravens, and herons.

The Little Gingerbread Cottage in Point Roberts, Washington

Little Gingerbread Cottage 001

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A while back I introduced you to YO! Home and I described it as a genius multi-functional studio house. That was Prototype 2. So now I’m showing you one of their other prototype studio designs.

This YO! Home gives you some of the functionality of a larger home inside of a studio space by using multifunctional furniture and designs, like how the bed that hides into your ceiling and how the dining room hides into your floor.

It even features a desk that converts into an extra bed, a kitchen that hides away when you’re not using it, and built-in floor storage. If you ever want to find yourself in a city, is a design like this something you would consider?

YO! Home Transforming/Multi-functional Studio Apartment

Yo Home Prototype Transforming Studio Apartment 001Images © YO! Home

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This is the Rio Bravo Tiny House by Lelands Cabins out of Texas.

It’s a 216 square foot tiny cabin with a studio layout. This unit starts at $18,161.

Could this be a simple cabin design you would like to live simply in?

216 Square Foot Rio Bravo Tiny Cabin

Lelands Cabins Rio Bravo Tiny House 001

Images © Lelands Cabins

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This is a Tiny House on Wheels by Red Deer Classics.

The quality and creativity in this tiny home is just mind blowing, isn’t it? Earlier I showed you a video tour of this tiny house, but I wanted to show it to you again from a different angle because it’s literally a livable piece of art on wheels. I hope you like it!

This post is brought to you thanks to DIY Homestead Projects. Enjoy!

A Livable Piece of Art Tiny House on Wheels by Red Deer Classics… Amazing!

Red Deer Classics Tiny House via DIY Homestead Projects 001

Images © DIY Homestead Projects via Facebook

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